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H-Pi Lo-Fi Microstudio (HPLF) is a stand-alone [not a plugin] fully tunable softsynth and multi-track audio utility which places emphasis first on tuning flexibility, using basic building blocks of electronic sound. Tunings can be specified across the entire MIDI range (unique tunings per channel, totaling 2048 available pitches). HPLF is compatible with U-PLEX and TPX keyboards, and standard MIDI controllers, and can communicate with sequencing and notation software such as Sibelius, Finale, Logic, etc.

HPLF output can be streamed to a .wav or .aiff file, and HPLF has a full featured audio editor built in, allowing you to do all the typical editing procedures, and some not so typical things as well. Essentially, HPLF is also now a multi-track recording utility. You can load any number of audio files (limited only by system resources), and mix them along with your playing. Tracks can be looped, panned, soloed, muted, and attenuated. Within the editor you can also record directly from a microphone. Edit the results, set loop points, add fades, change the gain, reverse audio, find fundamental frequencies, and more.

Latest Version Details

Version 2.0.3, March 2011

This version has been updated in the following ways in response to user input:

Bug Fixes

New features

Improved features

HPLF is updated and improved in response to user input. The HPLF reports page shows this process in action.

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