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Main Window

MIDI Window

MasterSynth Port Configuration

MultiSynth Port Configuration

MIDI Control Surface Design

Define MIDI Control

Surface Grid Editor

Patch Parameters

Tuning Table Window

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Tuning Table Triggers


Harry Partch Demo Project

19-Tone Demo Project

Tonal Plexus Demo Project


SCORDATURA is a Mac OSX sound font software synthesizer and custom control surface design tool created for microtonal composition and performance, compatible with all standard MIDI hardware controllers such as keyboards and trigger surfaces and standard MIDI sequencing and notation software such as Sibelius, Finale, Logic, Digital Performer, etc.

  • creates 16 virtual MIDI input and output ports
  • routes MIDI between any physical and virtual MIDI ports
  • drives internal synthesizer or external gear or both
  • .sf2 Sound Fonts supported
  • .csv Tuning Table file format (export files from CSE and TPXE)
  • synth capable of up to 256 patches and 1280 voices polyphony
  • unlimited tuning tables per port
  • unlimited tuning table triggers per port
  • programmable held keys and trigger behavior
  • custom MIDI control surface design with user definable controls:
    • knobs
    • wheels
    • sliders
    • XY touchpads
    • joysticks
    • buttons
    • switches
    • text boxes
    • trigger pads
    • polygons
  • project library file system in human readable / editable XML text format
  • project importing and exporting
  • integrated HTML based help
  • automatic bug reporting

Latest Version Details

Version 1.1.1, January 2012

In response to user input, this version has been updated in the following ways:

Bug Fixes

Scordatura is updated and improved in response to user input. The Scordatura reports page shows this process in action.

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