Microtonal Keyboard Converter

Got a standard MIDI keyboard? Retune it! TBX1 makes retuning as easy as pushing a button. Attach this little box to your synth and you can make any key play any pitch you want. It comes preloaded with 128 tunings for you to try out, and it stores tuning tables in 4 layers, totalling over 500 tunings, which you can easily edit using the free CSE Custom Scale Editor cross-platform software. Set up your own tuning, upload it to the Tuning Box and plug it into any General MIDI controller and synthesizer to make your music. It ships with an international switching power supply and free MIDI cables. Portable and ready for the stage, it will run for an entire working day on batteries. | Details | Downloads


TBX1 $29900   Quantity

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  • Tuning
    • 128 tables x 4 layers = 512 full range programmable tunings with CSE (license included - $24 value)
    • General MIDI compatibility — Compatibility Charts
  • Controls
    • jog dial: select and enter preset program parameters
    • MIDI LEDs: monitor MIDI IN and MIDI OUT traffic
    • LCD display: currently selected tuning, bank, patch and polyphony (with backlight ON/OFF switch)
    • sixteen channel switches: selectable MIDI output channel polyphony, from 1 to 16 voices
    • fifteen preset buttons: store and recall tuning, synthesizer bank and patch
    • 14-bit MIDI pitch bend resolution: 0.01 cents
    • bypass switch: turn tuning function on and off without swapping cables
  • External MIDI Message Pedal / Sequencer Control
    • receive tuning table Changes
    • receive bank and patch changes
    • full sustain pedal support
    • full control of held key behavior when tuning table change messages are received
  • Inputs and Outputs
    • 12V DC power input
    • MIDI IN: connect to any MIDI controller (keyboard, sequencer, etc.)
    • connect computer to MIDI IN to upload tunings
    • MIDI OUT: connect to any general MIDI tone module, sampler or computer MIDI interface for tuned output
    • sends the following MIDI data on selected channels
      • bank select, patch change, pitch bend range RPNs, 14-bit pitch bend
      • note on / note off (one note per channel = monotimbral up to 16 voice polyphony)
      • MIDI Velocity, Modulation, and Volume are passed as received at MIDI IN
    • MIDI THRU: sends unmodified MIDI data received at the MIDI in through to another unit.
  • Custom Scale Editor software
    • cross-platform compatibility (Mac OSX and Windows)
    • intuitive user interface
    • tunings formatted as text files
    • import Scala and .tun files
    • upload tunings to TBX1
    • ... more
  • international switching power supply and 2 free MIDI cables included!


Do you own a TBX1 purchased before February, 19, 2009?
If so, your TBX1 could use an upgrade chip. | Details

Upgrade Chip $1800   Quantity

TBX1 Quickstart Setup with Keyboard Synthesizer

Set your synythesizer's LOCAL CONTROL setting to OFF and connect the two provided MIDI cables as shown.

  1. Keyboard MIDI OUT to Tuning Box MIDI IN
  2. Tuning Box MIDI OUT to Keyboard MIDI IN

MIDI Compatibility Requirements

* Denotes OPTIONAL functionality

Channel Default
Channel Changed
See note below
Pitch Bend(any)OAll Recognized Channels
Control Change*
0, 32
6, 38



Bank Select MSB, LSB
Data Entry MSB, LSB
(any) (any)

* Keyboard Synthesizers only

MODE 1: OMNI ON, POLY          X = No   O = Yes

Manufacturer Compatible Hardware Synthesizers, Samplers, Sequencers and Digital Pianos
Access Virus TI Virus Snow †4
Akai S5000/S6000 Sampler
Z4/Z8 Sampler
MPC60 MIDI Production Center (Sequencer Only)
MPC200XL MIDI Production Center (Sequencer Only)
MPC500 MIDI Production Center (Sequencer Only)
MPC1000 MIDI Production Center (Sequencer Only)
MPC2500 MIDI Production Center (Sequencer Only)
MPC3000 MIDI Production Center (Sequencer Only)
MPC3200 MIDI Production Center
MPC4000 MIDI Production Center
EWI4000S Analog Wind Synthesizer †1
VX600 Synthesizer †6
Alesis Andromeda A6 Analog Synthesizer
Ion Synthesizer †4
Fusion 6HD, 8HD Synthesizer
Quadrasynth Synthesizer
S4, S4 Plus Synthesizer
Quadrasynth, Quadrasynth Plus Synthesizer
QSR Synthesizer
QS6, QS6.1 Synthesizer
QS7, QS7.1 Synthesizer
QS8, QS8.1, QS8.2 Synthesizer
Nanosynth Synthesizer
Nanopiano Synthesizer
Nanobass Synthesizer
DG8 Digital Grand Piano †3
MMT-8 Multitrack MIDI Recorder
Casio Celviano AP-45 Synthesizer
Celviano AP-24 Synthesizer
Celviano AP-31, AP-33 Synthesizer
Celviano AP-38 Synthesizer
Celviano AP-80R Synthesizer
CDP-100 Digital Piano
CTK-496, CTK-700 Synthesizer †4
CTK-451, CTK-471 Synthesizer †4
CTK-571, CTK-573 Synthesizer †4
CTK-591, CTK-593 Synthesizer
CTK-671, CTK-691 Synthesizer
CTK-710 Synthesizer
CTK-800 Synthesizer
CTK-900 Synthesizer
LK-40, LK-42 Synthesizer †4
LK-43, LK-44 Synthesizer †4
LK-45, LK-46 Synthesizer †4
LK-55, LK-56 Synthesizer
LK-100 Synthesizer †4
MZ-2000 Synthesizer
PS-20 Synthesizer
PS-3000 Synthesizer
Privia PX100, PX-110 Digital Piano
Privia PX-300, PX-310 Digital Piano
Privia PX-400, PX-410 Digital Piano
Privia PX-500L, PX-575R Digital Piano
Privia PX-700 Digital Piano
Privia PX-800 Digital Piano
WK-1600, WK-1630 Synthesizer
WK-1800 Synthesizer
WK-3000 Synthesizer
WK-3200 Synthesizer
Clavia Nord Lead 2 Synthesizer
Nord Lead 2X Synthesizer
Nord Lead 3 Synthesizer
Nord Modular Synthesizer
Nord Modular Rack Synthesizer
Nord Modular G2 Synthesizer
Nord Modular G2 Rack Synthesizer
Nord Stage Synthesizer †2
Dave Smith Poly Evolver †4
MoPho †1 Tetr4 †4
GK340 Synthesizer
GM-X Expander Synth Module
GPS2600 Grand Piano Workstation
GPS3600 Grand Piano Workstation
PK5 Oriental Synthesizer
pRP6 Digital Piano
pRP7 Digital Piano
pRP8 Digital Piano
RP60 Digital Piano
RP70 Digital Piano
RP80 Digital Piano
RP-X Physical Model Piano †4
Promega 3 Synthesizer
PRO1 Digital Piano
PRO2 Digital Piano
PS1000 Digital Piano Workstation
PS1300 Digital Piano Workstation
PS2600 Digital Piano Workstation
RP800 Digital Piano
WK1 Synthesizer
WK1 Oriental Synthesizer
WK2 Synthesizer
WK2 Oriental Synthesizer
WK6, WK8 Powerstation Synthesizer
WK6 SE, WK8 SE Megastation Synthesizer
WK2000 HD Synthesizer
SK760, SK880 Powerstation Synthesizer
SK760 SE, SK880 SE Megastation Synthesizer
Genesys Ensemble Digital Piano
Hammond XB1 Drawbar Keyboard Synthesizer
XE1 Keyboard Synthesizer
XK1 Draw-Bar Organ
XK2 Draw-Bar Organ
XK3 Draw-Bar Organ
XM2 Draw-Bar Sound Module
Ketron Midjay Audio MIDI Player
SD1, SD1+ Keyboard Synthesizer
SD2 Orchestral Wizard Tone Module
VEGA Keyboard Synthesizer
X1 Keyboard Synthesizer
X1 Oriental Keyboard Synthesizer
X4 Synthesizer Expander Module
X8 Button-Keyboard Synthesizer
XD3 Synthesizer Module
XD9 Keyboard Synthesizer
Korg BX-3 Double Manual Organ
C-320 88 Key Concert Piano
C-520 88 Key Concert Piano
CX-3 Combo Organ
EA-1 Electribe A Analog Modeling Synth
EA1mkII Electribe AmkII Analog Modeling Synthesizer
EM-1 Electribe M Music Production Station
EMX-1 Electribe MX Music Production Station
ESX-1 Electribe SX Music Production Sampler
iS40 Interactive Music Workstation with Speakers
iS50 Interactive Music Workstation with Speakers
KARMA Keyboard Music Workstation
M3 Music Workstation/Sampler
microKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder
microX Music Synthesizer
MS2000 Analog Modeling Synthesizer
MS2000R Analog Modeling Rack Synthesizer
MS2000B Analog Modeled Synthesizer
MS2000BR Analog Modeled Rack Synthesizer
N1 88 Key Performance Synthesizer
N1R Sound Module
N5EX 61 Key Expanded Performance Synth
O1/W Music Workstation
O1/W FD Music Workstation
O1/W Pro Music Workstation
O1/W ProX Music Workstation
O1R/W Music Workstation Rack
O3R/W Synthesis Module
O5R/W Synthesis Module
OASYS Open Architecture Synthesis Studio
Pa1X Pro Professional Arranger
Pa1X Professional Arranger
Pa50 Professional Arranger
Pa60 Professional Arranger
Pa80 Professional Arranger with Speakers
PA800 Professional Arranger with Speakers
SP-200 88 Key Portable Digital Piano
SP-250 88 Key Portable Digital Piano
SP-500 88 Key Interactive Digital Piano
TR Music Workstation
TRINITY 61 Key Music Workstation
TRITON 61 Key Music Workstation Sampler
TRITON Extreme Music Workstation/Sampler
TRITON Le Music Workstation
TRITON Rack Expandable Module/Sampler
TRITON STUDIO Music Workstation/Sampler
TRITONPRO 76 Key Music Workstation Sampler
TRITONPROX 88 Key Music Workstation Sampler
X50 Music Synthesizer
X5DR Synthesizer Module
Z1 Polyphonic DSP Synthesizer †6
Kurzweil EG Mark IV Ensemble Grand Digital Piano
EG20 Ensemble Grand Digital Piano
K1000 Sampler Synthesizer
K1200 Sampler Synthesizer
K2000 Sampler Synthesizer
K2600 Sampler Synthesizer
K2500 Sampler Synthesizer
KME61 Synthesizer
K2vx Rackmount Sampler
K2661 Sampler Synthesizer
Mark V Ensemble Grand Digital Piano
Mark VI Ensemble Grand Digital Piano
Mark 150/Mark 10 Ensemble Grand
Micro Ensemble Sound Module
MS-1, MS-1A Micro Sequencer
PC1 Synthesizer
PC2, PC2R Synthesizer
PC88 Synthesizer
RE210 Digital Piano
RE220 Digital Piano
Stage Piano (SP series) †1
V150/V110 Sampler
M-Audio ProKeys 88
Moog Music Minimoog Voyager Analog Synthesizer
Voyager Electric Blue
Voyager Performer Edition
Voyager Rack Mount Edition
VX-351 Rack Mount Analog Synthesizer
GPS2600 Grand Piano Workstation
GPS3600 Grand Piano Workstation
pRP8 Digital Piano
PS1000 Digital Piano Workstation
PS1300 Digital Piano Workstation
PS2600 Digital Piano Workstation
RP60 Digital Piano
RP70C Digital Piano
RP80 Digital Piano
Roland AT-5 Atelier Organ
AT-15 Atelier Organ
AT-45 Atelier Organ
AT-60SL Atelier Organ
AT-80SL Atelier Organ
AT-90S Atelier Organ
AT-90SL Atelier Organ
E-09 Interactive Arranger Synthesizer
EXR-3 Interactive Arranger Synthesizer
EXR-5 Interactive Arranger Synthesizer
EXR-7 Interactive Arranger Synthesizer
Fantom Workstation Synthesizer
Fantom-S Workstation Synthesizer
Fantom-S88 Workstation Synthesizer
Fantom-X6 Workstation Synthesizer
Fantom-X7 Workstation Synthesizer
Fantom-X8 Workstation Synthesizer
Fantom-Xa Workstation Synthesizer
Fantom-XR Workstation Synthesizer
FP-2 Digital Piano
FP-5 Digital Piano
FP-7 Digital Piano
G-70 Workstation Synthesizer
G-70v2 Workstation Synthesizer
GR-20 Guitar Synthesizer *
GR-33 Guitar Synthesizer *
GW-7 Workstation Synthesizer
HPi-5 Digital Piano
HPi-7 Digital Piano
HPi-7LE Digital Piano
JS-5 Accompaniment Synthesizer *
JUNO-D Synthesizer
JUNO-G Synthesizer
KF-7 Intelligent Digital Piano
KR-3 Intelligent Digital Piano
KR-5 Intelligent Digital Piano
KR-7 Intelligent Digital Piano
KR-11 Intelligent Digital Piano
KR-11M Intelligent Digital Piano
KR-15 Intelligent Digital Piano
KR-15M Intelligent Digital Piano
KR103 Intelligent Digital Piano
KR105 Intelligent Digital Piano
KR107 Intelligent Digital Piano
KR115 Intelligent Digital Piano
KR115M Intelligent Digital Piano
KR117M Intelligent Digital Piano
MC-09 Phrase Sampler
MC-808 Sampling Groove Box
MC-909 Sampling Groove Box
MT-300S Player Synthesizer
MV-8000 Production Studio
RD-300SX Digital Piano
RD-700 Digital Piano
RD-700SX Digital Piano
RG-3 Digital Grand Piano
RG-7 Digital Grand Piano
RS-50 Synthesizer
RS-70 Synthesizer
SC-8820 Sound Canvas Synthesizer
SC-8850 Sound Canvas Synthesizer
SC-D70 Sound Canvas Synthesizer
SD-20 Studio Canvas Synthesizer
SD-80 Studio Canvas Synthesizer
SD-90 Studio Canvas Synthesizer
SH-201 Analog Modeling Synthesizer
SH-32 Analog Modeling Synthesizer
Sonic Cell
TD-6 Percussion Sound Module
TD-8 Percussion Sound Module
TD-10 Percussion Sound Module
VR-760 V-Combo Synthesizer
V-Synth GT
V-Synth Version 2
V-Synth XT
VIMA RK-100 Recreational Synthesizer
VIMA RK-500 Recreational Synthesizer
VK-8 Combo Organ
VK-88 Combo Organ
VK-8M Organ Sound Module
XV-5080 Synthesizer Module
Suzuki GP-3 Mini-Grand Digital Piano *
GP-7 Baby-Grand Digital Piano *
ST-7 Upright Digital Piano *
Viscount MC1000 Synthesizer
MC2000 Synthesizer
Allegro Digital Piano *
Aria-Sonata Digital Piano
Meastro-Grande-Sinfonia Digital Piano
Waldorf Blofeld
Williams Encore Digital Piano
Symphony Digital Piano
Yamaha A3000 Professional Sampler
A5000 Professional Sampler
AN1x Analog Modeling Synthesizer
AN200 Analog Modeling Synthesizer †4
CBX-T3 Tone Generator
CP33 Stage Piano
CP300 Stage Piano
CS1x Control Synthesizer
CS2x Control Synthesizer
CS6x Control Synthesizer
CS6R Tone Generator
DX200 Synthesizer
EX5 Synthesizer
EX5R Rack Synthesizer
EX7 Synthesizer
FB01 FM Sound Generator *
FS1R Formant Shaping Synthesizer
MM6 / MM8 Synthesizer
MO6 Production Synthesizer
MO8 Production Synthesizer
MOTIF6 Production Synthesizer
MOTIF6SE Production Synthesizer
MOTIF7 Production Synthesizer
MOTIF7SE Production Synthesizer
MOTIF8 Production Synthesizer
MOTIF8SE Production Synthesizer
MOTIF RACK Tone Generator
MOTIF RACK-ES Tone Generator
MOTIF XS6 Production Synthesizer
MOTIF XS7 Production Synthesizer
MOTIF XS8 Production Synthesizer
P50m Piano Tone Generator
P100 Clavinova PF*†
P150 Electronic Piano *
P250 Electronic Piano *
P300 Electronic Piano *
P500 Electronic Piano *
PF500 Electronic Piano *
PF1000 Electronic Piano *
PF1500 Electronic Piano *
PF2000 Electronic Piano *
QR10 Accompaniment Generator
QS300 Production Synthesizer *
QY8 Sequencer
QY10 Sequencer
QY20 Sequencer
QY22 Sequencer
QY70 Sequencer
QY100 Sequencer
QY300 Sequencer
QY700 Sequencer
RS7000 Production Studio
S03 Synthesizer
S03LE Synthesizer
S08 Synthesizer
S30 Synthesizer
S80 Synthesizer
S90 Synthesizer
S90ES Synthesizer
SY22 Synthesizer *
SY35 Synthesizer *
SY55 Synthesizer *
SY77 Synthesizer *
TG33 Tone Generator *
TG55 Tone Generator *
TG77 Tone Generator *
TG100 Tone Generator
TG300 Tone Generator
TG500 Tone Generator
TQ5 Tone Generator
TX7 Tone Generator *
TX16W Sampler*
TX81Z Tone Generator *
TX802 Tone Generator *
TX816 Tone Generator *
VL1 Virtual Acoustic Synthesizer *†2
VL1m Virtual Acoustic Synthesizer *†2
VL7 Virtual Acoustic Synthesizer *†1
VL70m Virtual Acoustic Synthesizer *†1
VP1 Virtual Acoustic Synthesizer *
W5/W7 Synthesizer *†1
WT11 Tone Generator *
YS100 Synthesizer *
YS200 Synthesizer
9000Pro Workstation
DGX200 Digital Grand Piano
DGX202 Digital Grand Piano
DGX203 Digital Grand Piano
DGX205 Digital Grand Piano
DGX220 Digital Grand Piano
DGX300 Digital Grand Piano
DGX305 Digital Grand Piano
DGX500 Digital Grand Piano
DGX505 Digital Grand Piano
DJX Synthesizer
DJXII Synthesizer
DJXIIB Synthesizer
DSR500 Synthesizer *
DSR2000 Synthesizer *
EZ30 Portatone Synthesizer
EZ200 Portatone Synthesizer
EZ250i Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-84 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-85 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-220 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-225 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-225GM Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-230 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-270 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-273 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-275 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-280 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-282 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-290 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-292 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-293 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-295 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-320 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-330 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-340 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-350 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-410 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-420 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-450 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-500m Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-510 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-520 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-530 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-540 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-550 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-600 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-620 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-630 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-640 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-730 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-740 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-1000 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-1100 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-1500 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-1700 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-2000 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-2100 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-2700 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-3000 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-4000 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-5700 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-6000 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-6700 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-7000 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-8000 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-9000v2 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-A3 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-A300 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-A1000 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-E203 / YPT-200 Synthesizer
PSR-E213 / YPT-210 Synthesizer
PSR-E303 / YPT-300 Synthesizer
PSR-E313 / YPT-310 Synthesizer
PSR-E403 / YPT-400 Synthesizer
PSR-GX76 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-K1 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-S500 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-S700 Portatone Synthesizer
PSR-S900 Portatone Synthesizer
Tyros Digital Workstation
Tyros2 Digital Workstation
CVP-25 Clavinova
CVP-35 Clavinova
CVP-49 Clavinova
CVP-55 Clavinova
CVP-59S Clavinova
CVP-65 Clavinova
CVP-50 Clavinova
CVP-70 Clavinova
CVP-75 Clavinova
CVP-59S Clavinova
CVP-69 Clavinova
CVP-69A Clavinova
CVP-79A Clavinova
CVP-83S Clavinova
CVP-85A Clavinova
CVP-87A Clavinova
CVP-89 Clavinova
CVP-96 Clavinova
CVP-98 Clavinova
CVP-600 Clavinova
Disklavier MPX70
Disklavier GranTouch
Disklavier Mark II XG
Disklavier Pro
Disklavier Mark III
Disklavier Mark IV
Disklavier YMM
DOM-30 Disk Orchestra Module
DRS-1 Digital Sequencer Recorder
N-100 Digital Piano
P-65 Electronic Piano
P-70 Electronic Piano
P-140 Electronic Piano
PDP-100 Digital Piano
PDP-500 Digital Piano
YDP-131 Digital Piano
YDP-213 Digital Piano
YDP-151 Digital Piano
YDP-323 Digital Piano