• 128 tables x 4 layers = 512 Full Range Programmable Tunings with Custom Scale Editor (CSE) software
  • General MIDI Compatible — Compatibility Charts


  • Jog Dial: Select and Enter Preset Program Parameters
  • MIDI LEDs: Monitor MIDI IN and MIDI OUT traffic
  • LCD Display: Currently Selected Tuning, Bank and Patch (with Backlight ON/OFF Switch)
  • Sixteen Channel Switches: Selectable MIDI Output Channel Polyphony, from 1 to 16 Voices
  • Fifteen Preset Buttons: Store and Recall Tuning, Synthesizer Bank and Patch
  • 14-bit MIDI Pitch Bend Resolution: 0.01 cents
  • Bypass switch: turn tuning function on and off without swapping cables

Inputs and Outputs

  • 9-12V DC Power Input
  • MIDI IN, OUT (tuned) and THRU (untuned)

External MIDI Input

  • MIDI IN Port: Connect to any MIDI Controller (Keyboard, Wind Controller, MIDI Guitar, Sequencer, etc.)
  • Connect Computer or another TBX1 to MIDI IN Port to Upload Tunings
  • External MIDI Message Pedal / Sequencer Control
    • receive tuning table Changes
    • receive bank and patch changes
    • full sustain pedal support
    • full control of held key behavior when tuning table change messages are received

MIDI Output

  • MIDI OUT Port: Connect to any General MIDI Tone Module, Sampler or Computer MIDI Interface for Tuned Output
  • Sends the Following MIDI Data on Selected Channels
    • Pitch Bend, Pitch Bend Range RPNs, Bank Select, Patch Changes
    • Note On / Note Off (One Note per Channel = Monotimbral up to 16 Voice Polyphony)
    • MIDI Velocity, Modulation, and Volume are passed as received at MIDI IN
  • MIDI THRU Port: Sends unmodified MIDI data received at the MIDI IN Port through to another unit.

CSE Custom Scale Editor Software

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility (Mac OSX and Windows)
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Tunings formatted as Text files
  • Import Scala and .tun files
  • Upload Tunings via the Tuning Box MIDI IN Port
  • ... more