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XENTONE is an ear training program uniquely designed to teach all the tones in the musical spectrum, not just those found on a piano keyboard. The prefix XEN (pronounced "zen") comes from xeno, meaning "strange" or "foreign" in Greek. The term xenharmonic refers to music using pitches and intervals which sound unfamiliar and exotic to most Western listeners. Such music is also called microtonal, because differences between xenharmonic pitches can exist at the micro scale, the subtlety of which challenges the limits of human perception. With XENTONE you will become intimately familiar with the strange and exotic world of xenharmony and microtones. This experience will not only strengthen your conventional aural skills, but will broaden your understanding of musical intonation and increase your appreciation for the expressive power of the pitch dimension in music. The practice and testing facilities of XENTONE will help you to achieve mastery of pitch and interval recognition across the entire musical spectrum.

  • various linceses available to suit individual and classroom needs →
  • practice microtonal intervals, pitches, chords, melodies and staff sight reading
  • race against the clock, and review your performance
  • user control over a wide range of parameters
    • interval sizes, qualities, types, and intonations
    • pitch letters, accidentals, shifts, and intonations
    • staff positions: staff, region, and micro levels
    • chord structures and inversions
    • pitch, interval, and chord durations and registers
    • wide range of racing game (testing) parameters
  • drives internal synthesizer, plus external synths on Windows version
  • .sf2 Sound Fonts supported in Mac version
  • imports Scala .scl and .tun scale files
  • integrated HTML-based help

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Latest Version Details

XENTONE 1.3.61, November 2013

This version has been updated in the following ways in response to user input:

Bug Fixes

Improved features

New features

XENTONE is updated and improved in response to user input. The XENTONE reports page shows this process in action.

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